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The Goods!
Posted: Jan. 23, 2012
Lots going on at Studio 208

As you might know we are in constant celebration of our recent Blake Shelton success. Grammy Nominations and soon to be Platinum makes a very great New Year indeed.

On a more heart felt note, we honor the passing of Blake's father Dick Shelton. Sending out strength and comfort to the Shelton family and all those effected by the wake of this loss.

Goar DeLamerens album under production. Elton John meets the classics of Cuba. Very rare and cool breed of artist. The real deal.

Morse Family Band upgrading their bluegrass infused folk to a more modern pop effort on their sophomore release. Incredible songs, again, on this one, very excited.

HORNIT EP in production featuring 4 new alt rock pop gems by lead singer Tod Horn. get ready to Roooooooooooooooooooock! Oh yeah, we are developing an exclusive iROCK app for the band...you will love it AND it's FREE from iTunes.

Pricilla Buchalla back in the studio with her own flare of soothing sweetness!

And yes, DEJ continues to threaten his first solo album! Bring It!